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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Congratulations to SeaMar Behavioral Health for being the first to submit a LOCUS/CALOCUS authorization!!  Way to go!  January 1 was the start date to submit all new authorizations / re-authorizations using the LOCUS and CALOCUS.

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  1. in reference to this particular Q&A on the TMRSN's website: "Who should have a LOCUS/CALOCUS? All consumers who are receiving outpatient mental health services from a CORE TMRSN provider. This means providers who offer the full range of outpatient services. At this time this means BHR, SeaMar and PSPH. Providers of ancillary services are not required to conduct a LOCUS/CALOCUS for their consumers at this time." How is "full range of outpatient services defined" and what are ancillary services defined as? thank you